What makes Indivica unique?

The market is filled with solutions which have been developed with different customers in mind.

From the beginning, Indivica has focussed on delivering the most secure and best connected platform for Ontario physicians and clinicians, at a fair price.

All of our software investments have been directed towards delivering on this objective. To date, Indivica has invested millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours of product development effort in this pursuit.

Although it may not have been obvious ten years ago when we started making this bet, security and connectedness was the right place for us to focus our innovation efforts.

What then, practically, does this mean to me?

Below is a specific list of unique Indivica Intellectual Property, that we’ve built for you, that benefits you everyday.

IndiviCheck: keeps your systems up and running

Realtime medical compliant network application monitor – delivers management UX (User eXperience) + alerts to triggered events to support staff for rapid reaction and problem mitigation.

Realtime solution deployment engine – delivers system-wide deployment capabilities for systems maintenance – e.g typically a new release or security patch can be deployed and activated to all sites in under 1 hour with minimal downtime per site.

IndiviNet: keeps your systems secure

Third generation secure cloud application platform.

Supported applications include: WebEDT, WebHCV, IndiviCare Rx, IndiviCare Auditor, IndiviCare Link, Notify, Communicate, & Portal.

Communicate: allows you to message your patients and other physicians over the internet, securely

Secure on-network/off-network medical data compliant communicator – location independent, clinician controlled, individual and group messaging between clinicians and patients, with localized native & embedded UX for on-network users, and secure portal based access with simplified UX for off-network users.

Notify: automates appointment reminders and allows you to send patients mass messages

Fully automated and embedded UX for appointment notifications, appointment confirmations, and templated mass patient mailings.

IndiviCare Link: shares charts between affiliated, but independent clinics

Native UX medical record data sharing application, whereas the primary medical chart is presented natively via covering clinics and any network initiated modifications create update notifications to primary clinic via standard workflow.

All medical record entries across the network are updated to the master patient medical record.

All covering clinic medical record entries are additionally stored with the covering clinic to comply with HIC (Health Information Custodian) regulations.

IndiviCare Auditor: creates an audit log of everything

Network aware forensic security auditor captures everything occurring with EMR data.

Who is accessing the data, what data they are accessing, where they are accessing it from, how they are accessing the data, and whether or not any changes to the data have been made, all of which is timestamped.

IndiviCare Rx: unobtrusive interactions alerts

Network based access to authenticated, licensed, and realtime drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction and information notifications.

Works transparently to the EMR users via an unobtrusive and native UX.

IndiviCare Invoice: advanced 3rd party billing

Transaction based, medical billing application that supports third party billing and delivers extensive practice management analytics.

Includes patient financial dashboard, account balance and history, statements, and pre-payments, and reports covering cash, receivables and write-offs, services and procedures utilization, and service provider efficiency.

IndiviCare Fax: integrated EMR-fax solution

Hybrid clinic/cloud fax solution supporting a native EMR UX, network based, inbound and outbound fax pivot through either the existing telephone system in the clinic, or through an online 3rd party fax over internet service.

IndiviCare Hot Standby: keeps your downtime to a minimum

Network architecture and solution suite that supports realtime failure and network resource redirection to an alternative self contained application instance in the case of a catastrophic failure within a clinics primary EMR instance.

WebEDT: OHIP billings management solution

Network based secure and authenticated billings submission and reports retrieval management platform with native and embedded, zero touch UX.

WebHCV: realtime health card validation

Network based secure and authenticated realtime health card validation service with native and embedded, zero touch UX.

IndiviCare 4

Indivica’s EMR application supporting over 7 million medical records.