Virtual Care with IndiviCare

Virtual Care is tightly integrated within the IndiviCare EMR application through Communicate and Notify.


With Communicate, you can virtually engage with your patients through IndiviCare. This clinician controlled service allows you to send to, and if you wish, receive from your patients secure electronic messages. All information is encrypted and secure at all times. The entire communication is embedded in the patient’s chart.

For example, if you want to forward to your patient a recent lab report, you simply click a button and its done. If you wish to discuss electronically these lab results with the patient, the secure messaging application embeds this capability.

Similarly, Communicate optionally allows a clinic to provide a patient initiated secure messaging connection to a physician.  


Leveraging the power of Indivica’s network technology, IndiviNet, Notify is a native IndiviCare application that integrates appointment notifications and batch patient mailings into the standard IndiviCare EMR workflow. 

Notify allows, in the case of an outbreak such as COVID-19, an immediate bulk communications tool between the physician and their roster of patients.