Hot Standby – Indivica’s Data Centres

IndiviCare 4 includes a fully redundant Hot Standby EMR instance for all of our customers included in the basic subscription package.

Each EMR instance, i.e. Primary & Hot Standby, is geographically distributed in different cities (Toronto & Barrie) to protect against natural disasters.

Fun Facts – Indivica’s data centres contain:

955 Servers
10,366 GB Memory
1,440 CPUs
704 TB SSDs

And every day, 1.81 TB of data is processed.

They are fault tolerant and hardened against physical and cyber attacks – defence in depth including Denial of Service mitigation, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing, plus Multi-Factor Biometric and Multi-Ringed physical security with 24/7 guards.

Each data centre is redundantly powered – electrical backup systems have backup systems – and come with a 100% Power Service Level Agreement.

Both data centres support extreme backbone speeds – 100G network – along with a 100% Network Uptime Service Level Agreement.